10 App An Andriod User Should Have


In case you’re wondering about where to begin with. Your new Android Phone or you’re a long-term Google fan hoping to round out your Andriod Apps. Don’t worry you are at the right place.we’ve narrow the rundown down to the basics.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

The first thing you will need to do with an Android gadget is getting a good antivirus program. Avast is one of the main ones available, and it’s free. It will monitor what your applications are doing and incorporates a web shield to enable you to keep away from malware. There’s also an anti-theft component. Enabling you to find, bolt or wipe your telephone clear if it’s lost.

ES-File Explorer

File Manager is must app for any smartphone user. it will come handy in almost any situation from Searching A File, Moving a file or even Sharing. As some of the files will not show in some apps so this app lets you access your phone brain.


Backup is always a good idea on phones, given how delicate they can be. Helium secures and restores data of applications and personal data. Also, you can synchronise apps between many Android user and restore data from cloud storage.

Greenify Andriod App

Once in a while, the more applications you have open, the slower a phone will run. Greenify puts an identifying to that, distinguishing applications that are running out of sight and either backing off your telephone or sucking up battery control.

There are even forceful modes that further broaden battery life for those circumstances when you’re out and about or need to extend somewhat longer before you can discover a fitting for your charger.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This is one of the most popular Android keyboard apps. It has an exceedingly exact prescient innovation for the two words and applications and takes in your composing propensities decently fast.

A strong policy safeguards things like your card details or log-in information. What’s more, you can switch between 100 dialects as you write.


if the technique of clicking to the house display screen, then locating an app icon and tapping it appears to take an eternity for your mind. with a single swipe, you may release an app from inside every other app.

first-rate of all, it doesn’t have a good deal of an effect in your phone’s battery.

DashClock Widget

this app boosts the amount of at-a-glance data available on your cell phone’s home screen. whether or not you need to stay up to date at the forecast or see what number of emails you have got waiting (or many different responsibilities), you may easily achieve this.

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