12 Signs That We Need To Increase Water Intake Right Now


From The Very Beginning. We are been taught that we can Survive For few days without eating food but we can’t survive if there is no water intake for 24 hrs. When our body feels that it is not getting enough water intake to function properly.

It starts Showing some sign so that we can be aware of them and hydrate ourselves. So that a permanent damage to our cells can be prevented. Drinking 4-5 lt of water per day is a must for an average person but not everyone is same.

So these sign will help you identify that are you drinking enough water.

1.Thirst and Dry Mouth

Already Feeling Thirsty, This is a sign that you are becoming dehydrated. If you become don’t drink water for more time. A dry mouth can occur to tell you that mucous membrane is drying up. The only way to prevent this problem is to drink regular water.

2. Your Urine Output is Reduces

If you are Going To washroom less than 5 times a day to urinate. it is a sign that your body has less water inside it. As our kidney does not have fluid to replace it with new ones.

So it tries to preserve As much water as possible to prevent hydration and fatigue.So Go and have a glass of water right now.

 3. Your Urine is Dark Yellow

Continuing further on, If your urine colour has been changing to light or dark yellow colour for tempory bases do not worry as it can be the result of something you eat certain medications, B-Vitamins,  blackberries food colouring.

But if Does not change with time it can a reason that your body has less water level. Kidney excretes a “higher amount of waste products in the urine. Which includes dead blood cells, toxins, proteins and products that are no longer in use by the body”. Resulting in darker urine.

4. Joint Pain

water is must if want to our joint to be working in good condition. As it works as a lubricant to the joints, allowing two bones to slide over each other as the joint moves.

Joint pain

when the body does not have sufficient water available in the body. The joint becomes nutrient deficient leading to damage to the cartilage cells.

If you are giving the desired water needed by the body, your cells will eventually reach a point and the cartilage will be damaged that will be beyond repair. That is why runner drinks water in between their runs.

5.Less Water Intake Cause Headaches

When You don’t drink enough water it will try to preserve as much water as possible by absorbing water from other parts of the body like head tissue cell which will lead to shrinking of these cells and pushing away from the skull causing headaches.

6.Less Water Intake Cause Hunger

Our body is very Smart But it has its downside also As our body some time give us to signal that we are hungry but in reality, we are just thirsty.

The hypothalamus is the part of the human brain which is responsible for regulating hunger and thirst, often gets confused. Make a human to eat and cause weight gain.


dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation, and constipation can regularly be resolved by means of increasing water consumption.

If someone is not fully hydrated, your body will try to take in water from anywhere it could. a sufficient amount of water inside the massive intestine is important for soft, easy-to-pass stools. A lack of water can Naturally result in harder stools which are difficult to escape.

8.  Less Water Intake Cause Fatigue

fatigue And tiredness are the most common symptoms of dehydration. when our level of water is less than recommended in our body. Its blood volume decrease, the heart has to work harder to send oxygen and nutrients to the body.

9.Premature Aging

Our water intake increase with our increasing age. if you don’t drink water in young age it will damage our cells insides will ultimately die.

To decrease the risk of dehydration, it’s most important to continue to drink water throughout your lifetime.

10.skin is dry and wrinkles are more defined

For all those women Who use expensive moisturiser to glow their skin.They can save a lot of money if you keep yourselves hydrated.

dehydration can lead to the irritated, inflamed, itching and sensitive skin. Skin can flake and scale or become severely red with cracks and bleeds. Simultaneously, when your skin loses moisture, the cells shrivel, causing wrinkles to appear more defined and making the skin look older.  The best way to revitalize your skin is to nourish it with water.

11.Digestive Problems

Keeping hydrated allows you to function correctly. This also applies to the entire digestive system. Without enough hydration, the power & amount of cells in the system reduce, allowing to produce more acid in the digestive system to do some damage to your cells of the stomach which will lead to the damage further damaging intestine.

12.Muscle Mass Decreases

your muscle tissues are mainly of water. obviously, less water inside the muscle means less muscle tissue. consuming water before, all through, and after a workout helps in controlling B.P And heart rate, it additionally brings water to the right locations for your muscle and reduces the risk of growing inflammation and soreness related to workout and weightlifting.

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