22 Weird Jobs that Actually Pay A Crazy Amount Of Money


We all need jobs in which we don’t have to sit every-day from 9am-5pm. Also paying us a crazy amount of money & goosebumps. Yes, you heard that right there are jobs which pays us a right amount of money. Moreover, you don’t have to sit in front of laptops on your desk and can help you with your pay your credit card payment & loans.
So let us have a look at these amazing but crazy jobs.

1.Professional Dog Food Taster

Salary-$75,000 Per Year
Yes, you heard That right a professional dog food tester could earn up to $75000 per year.
But you need to have a strong stomach and have experience in the art of Chihuahua’s taste buds. As food given to do his not easily digestible by a human stomach.

2.Furniture Tester

Salary-$30,000 Per Year

This Job is far better than your previous desk job. Where you have to sit on the same furniture over and over again. In This Job, no one will tell you why you are lying on a chair or lounge for hours. Moreover, You Can Sleep In Your Workhours. It pays you around $30000 Per Year.

3.Human Statue

Salary-$500 Per Day
This job, All you need is patience and need to hear lots of comment like “is this thing even alive “or” Let me have a Photo with this”.If you think you can do this you can earn up to $500 per day, $15000 Per Month And You can calculate yourself that how much you will be receiving in one year.

4.Paper Towel Sniffer

Salary-$25,000 Per Year For Amateurs
This Job Ask You to have a good sense of smell. As towel companies pay people to smell their product and review that the smell and sensitivity of the product are good or not. If you are an amateur, you can earn up to $25000 Per year.

5.Water Slide Tester

Salary-$30,000 Per Year
This Can Be Your Dream Job; You just have to ride various water rides and give reviews amount that. Best Part is that you have the privilege of getting every rides way before anyone else can. It also pays you a crazy amount of money around $30,000 Per year.

6.Professional Cuddler

Salary-$80 Per Day
love Cuddling, This is the perfect job for you. As you have to be with your client and cuddle them to make them feel relaxed and happy. You Can earn up to $80 per day, But in exchange be ready for some serious tickling, spooning and long meaningful conversation.

7.Walking Advertisement

Salary-$10,000 Per Ad
This Might Not Be the Best And Healthy Job, You are searching for But will give you a lot of money around $10000 Per advertisement. But you have to do is live with the web address for an adult website tattooed on your face for life in this crazy career.

8.Crime Scene Cleaner

Salary-$80,000 Per Year
This Job Will Need Some Guts, As you will go to a real crime scene and witness real people died. And have to clean their remains but on the other hand, will give you a handful of cash around $80,000 a year.

9.Life Model

Salary-$50-100 Per Session
Standing in Front of a group of people naked to make This might not be the perfect thing you dreamed of, but some people stand naked in front of the artist and earn a good amount of money.

10.Professional Golf Ball Finder

Salary-$75,000-100K Per Year
Each year there are thousands of golf ball thrown into pools inside a golf course. And your job is to find them; You will have your job until people stop shooting their balls inside pools. With a Little diving Experience, You Can Earn Up to $75000-100k Per Year and clear all your debts.  




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