22 Weird Jobs that Actually Pay A Crazy Amount Of Money


11.Sommelier Or Wine Taster 

Salary-$50,000 Per Year
This job has the coolest name on the list but also probably the best lifestyle as well. As a sommelier, your most important task is to know what wines go with what meal at the restaurant you’re working in. With a starting salary of over $50,000 and access to bottomless glasses of wine, who needs a social life when your job is to get people drunk.

12.Professional Bridesmaid

Salary-$50-200 Per Day
It might seem a little sad, but a lot of women don’t have solid enough friendships to rely on someone else for their big day. So, instead, they hire a professional who will do everything from pick up your dress while you go to the toilet to help you sort out your seating plan. If this job sounds like something, you could do you’re looking at anything between $50 to $200 per hour, depending on your experience of course.

13.Professional Sleeper

Salary-$50,000 Per Year
Professional sleepers are used for sleep studies and mattress testing By Various Companies.You Just need to lay around all day. As long as you don’t mind being told which position to sleep in and potentially having a whole bunch of wires connected to you, this job is for you and Can Earn Up to $60,000 Per Year.

14.Professional snake venom collector

Salary-$1000 Per Gram
To make the anti-venom, hospitals need to have a certain amount of the actual venom.You need to find the most lethal Snakes and extract there venom. you can get up to $1000 for 1 gram of venom.

15.Personal shopper or Stylist

Salary-$25,000-100K Per Year
Your tasks will include helping your client pick out clothes and well, telling them whether they look good or not. If you are especially good at your job, you might even work as a stylist as well. You can Earn $25K to $100K per year.

16.Sex Toy Tester

Salary-$39,000 Per Year
That weird Right, But this is a profession which has a lot of person envolve in it mainly women. They have to test toys for about 5-7 hours per day and give their reviews about it.Earning about $39000 Per year and some pleasure.

 17.Professional Mourner

Salary-$200 Per Day
The profession has been in demand in Chinese and some African cultures for centuries.As a professional mourner, you can’t just fade into the background, you will be given a backstory of your fake life, a fake name and on top of that be expected to cry on command. So that it seems that you knew the person who can earn $200 per day.

18.Human Mannequin

Salary-$800 Per Day
Have you ever accidentally bumped into a mannequin in a clothing store and thought “That mannequin looks so lifelike” well next time it might be real! Some large chains hire real models to stand in the shop fronts all day and well, be mannequins! While this job sounds easy, it’s pretty difficult since the models have to maintain one facial expression for hours!

19.Psychic reader

Salary-$41,000 Per Year
If you know anything about Stars and how will they affect a person. you can become a psychic reader and earn about $41K Per Year.22 Weird Jobs that Actually Pay A Crazy Amount Of Money

20.voice-over artist

Salary-$80,000 Per Year
If You have a good voice and want to be a part of entertainment industries but lack due to acting skill, you can try to be a voice-over artist and can earn up to $80,000 annually.


Salary-$45,000 Per Year
Are you ad dexter fan, if yes and like to cut people you should try this job as there are fewer people like you and on the other hand it will give a good amount of cash of around $45,000 Per Year.22 Weird Jobs that Actually Pay A Crazy Amount Of Money

22.Dog Surfing Instructor

Salary-$30,000 Per Year
This unique profession has entered a bit of a boom phase with just about every dog owner with surfboard wanting their pooch to surf alongside them. While being a surf instructor might seem like an awesome job, the pay isn’t exceptional and might not help with your mortgage, but you get to play with dogs every day – what more could you want from life?

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