7 Signs That We Need To Decrease Water Intake Right Now


Everyone is teaching us about maintaining daily water intake. Its level in our body is the most important thing for survival.
We often cross our line and keep drinking water to that extent where rather than providing benefits it starts harming our body.

Here are the 12 Sign That body show us to slow down our water intake level.


Headaches are both a sign of dehydration and overhydration.
When We drink too much water, the salt concentration in our blood decrease due to which cells in the organ start to swell.
When you are in the stage of overhydration your brain cell starts to grow in size and start cause pressure to the skull causing headaches.

2.Swelling or discolouration in various parts of body 

Overhydration usually causes swelling in various part of the body like lips, hand & feet.
When all of the cells throughout your body swell, your skin will start to visibly swell as well.
If you are drinking a lot of water you might need to cut down your water intake a bit.
Until your body came to normal position.

3.Muscles feel weak 

When you drink are overhydrated, Your electrolyte levels in your body cells drop down significantly, Which Cause unbalance of electrolytes. Low amount of electrolyte levels can cause a number of problem most common muscle weakening and cramping.You can replace water with lemon juice, coconut water or for athletes BCAA’s.

4.Vomiting after crossing recommended water intake

Drinking too much water, your kidneys become unable to rid of the excess liquid and water starts to collect in the body.
And when you change your posture the water inside your body start to move and might cause vomiting. The constant moving of water in your body also cause nausea.

5.You urinate frequently 

When you Urinate more than 10 times a day. Understand you are drinking too much water, then your body needs.
When you drink too much water kidney stops extracting minerals and nutrient form water.
You find yourself often waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Which is the worst feeling, Right?

6. Drink water continuously until your urine is clear

the colour of your urine should be straw-coloured to transparent yellow. Though most people believe clear urine is the healthiest sign of hydration, however, having urine with no colour at all may be a sign that you’re overhydrating yourselves.

7.Tired or fatigued

Your kidneys have to work harder to collect all mineral and nutrient from the fluid you drink.
When you overhydrate yourselves it creates a stressful reaction from your hormones that leaves your body stressed and fatigued.
If you’re constantly drinking water you are just adding stress to your kidneys.

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