Drunk man’s Take Taxi Through Three Countries On New Year’s Eve


After spending the New Year’s Eve, a drunk man from Norway receives a taxi fare of £1,640/ $2,220 (18,000 Norwegian krone) after a ride That Takes him Through Three Countries.

New year eve is the heaviest liquor consuming day. The 1st day of the new year for a person is to enjoy having a few shots. Resulting in a hangover

Early 40 resident Of Oslo, whose identification stays undisclosed. Ordered a taxi Which surprisingly takes him through three nations on new year’s eve of 2018. First to Copenhagen in Denmark, Then to Sweden, and at the end again to Norway’s capital, Oslo.

The journey took around 7-8 hours. But After he reached home, He refused to pay the amount of taxi fare and just went to his bed.

The taxi driver called Oslo police When Drunk Man Refuses to Pay

Oslo police informed the story in a sequence of tweets – saying that they caught the fare-dodger sleeping in his bed. When officers wake him up. He agreed to pay the bill. A tow truck was called later to help the driver.As his battery went to 0.

They Further Added That  The man had 0 criminal record.

This following experience of a drunk Man is one of those stories you might have ever heard or will hear in your life.

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