List OF All Time Highest Goal Scorers In Football History


This rundown of the players with the most carrier Goals in the history of football extends from players who played in the mid-1900s to the present day. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi score at a remarkable rate in the today period, yet there are those from history whose rate of scoring was much greater. So here are people with most carrier Goals.

8.Lionel Messi

Goals:-614 goals.Lionel Messi is a marvel. The humble Argentine is Barcelona’s primary man since 2008 and has put in some spell bouncing performances for both Barcelona and Argentina. The Argentine maestro who is still just 29 has score’s a mind-blowing 553 goals in 621 matches for the Catalan. On The Other hand, A player who has to characterize an age alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi one of the best footballers ever. at the same time, Messi is the most goal scorer for his national side too with 61 objectives in 123 appearances.

7.Ferenc Deak

Goals:-576 goals.With 576 goals recorded for club and nation, incredible Hungarian footballer Ferenc Deak. Deak was a goalscorer who’s surprising 1.15 objectives to game ratio all through his career.He plays for a few clubs in his profession which include Szentlrinci SE, Ferencváros and Budapesti Dózsa.


Goals:-621 goals.Insights in football are regularly highly rateable.Yet in 621 goals in 637 appearances, makes the Portuguese ‘dark panther’ Eusebio one of the best goalscorers ever. For some, including the considerable Pele, Eusebio was the undisputed ruler of football. He won a European Cup and 11 Premiere Ligas.

5.Cristiano Ronaldo

Goals:-642 goals.Cristiano Ronaldo is extraordinary among different players. He was also good at Manchester United where he scored 118 times in 292 EPL. In 389 appearances, Ronaldo has scored a shocking 571 goals yet he is at the victory of Real Madrid’s two Champions League over the most recent 3 years. at the same time 71 goals for Portugal, he is incredible record goalscorer.

4.Gerd Muller

Goals:-711 goals.Gerd Müller is the most deadly finisher ever. The German was not one to demonstrate favour footwork or waste his opportunity doing some attractive stepovers. What he did was score objectives and he scored every time he played. Müller’s measurements are really surprising.

3.Josef Bican

Goals:-805 goals.
The player with an unim

aginable goal to a game proportion of 1.52. Bican had the capacity to play with the two feet.  on the other hand, he has basic pace and could run 100 meters in 10.8 seconds, which was a comparable number of sprinters of the time.


Goals:-1,281 goals.Winning three World Cups in 1958, 1962 and 1970, yet score 1281 goals in 1363 matches.

1.Arthur Friedenreic

Goals:-1,329 goals.Shockingly the man who best this list isn’t Pele, however another Brazilian who passed by the name Arthur Friedenreich. The Brazilian striker played for an amazing 26 years from 1909-1935 scoring a completely unfathomable 1,329 goals in his career. He was the Copa America player of the competition and the golden boot winner in 1919.

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