Ranveer Singh Is The Best Kisser in The Industry Say’s Deepika


We all have been waiting For the hottest couple in the Bollywood industry, Deepika and Ranveer Singh to knot ties. After Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma knot ties the previous year.

Rumors about getting to stay with Deepika forever seem to be coming true after Deepika Publicly Say’s that “Ranveer Singh Is The Best Kisser in The Industry”.When Deepika And Her sister Appeared In A Talk Show ‘No Filter Neha’.

When their Host Neha Dhupia Asked Question about Ranveer Singh, Deepika Blushed.

Watch This Video To See What Really Happened



Even Getting Death Threats from the Rajput community regarding the release of their Movie ‘Padmaavat’. 
They seem to enjoy there time after soo many controversies supreme court decided to release the film to the Indian market.

Deepika and Ranveer were recently together at the special screening of Padmaavat.
they were not just wearing same white colour clothes but, the couple also were holding hands.

After Watching the Film That the Padmaavat team finally show’s that, there is nothing to worry off. Say Suresh Chavhanke, Mediator.

He add’s
“Whatever issues we had raised against the film have been considered in suitable proportions.
Our biggest issues were the presence of a shot featuring Alauddin Khilji and Ma Padmavati. Whether through a ‘dream sequence’ or just a mere reflection, we did not want Khilji to touch Padmavati.
And it has been the Rajputs’ victory that Khilji, who couldn’t lay hands on Padmavati centuries ago, has failed to do so again through Bhansali’s film”.

“Our second issue was that the Ghoomar dance does not feature any male presence or reveal any body part.
Thankfully, the song in the film does not have any male presence (except Raja Rawalji) and Padmavati’s midriff has been covering by digital effects.”

He also say’s that Alauddin Khilji has been portrayed exactly how they wanted him to be.

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