Romantic jokes | Love Jokes

Romantic jokes | Love Jokes

Romantic Jokes. Love can be sometimes that funny also that we tend to make some funny romantic joke and in every situation. From funny romantic jokes for girlfriend or husband wive romantic Jokes to cute funny love jokes.
So We have tried to gather such hilarious Jokes at one place. So you all can laugh so much that your stomach starts to hurt.

First, have some 
Romantic joke for girlfriend :-

Boy (romantic style):
See Love
What have I brought for your My girlfriend. 
girl :
so sweet…!! what Did you bring? 
Boy: comb So that you can remove all your dandruff.

Dad and mom are not at home,
Come and let's meet.
Go bastard,
Last time We meet you made me clean your laundry.

romantic joke for girlfriend

Ek ladka bahut bahut hi amir ladki ko purpose kar deta hai

Ladka : I love You

Lakdi : Mere pass bangla hai…

Car hai.. Bank Balance hai..

Tumhare pass kya hai..

Ladka : Mere pass tere jaisi 4 hai !!!

non veg jokes for girlfriend

Compliment her, cuddle her, kiss her, caress her, love her, stroke her,
comfort her, protect her, hug her, wine and dine her, 
buy gifts for her, listen to her, respect her, stand by her, 
support her, go to the ends of the earth for her. 

HOW TO IMPRESS A MAN Arrive naked... with beer.

joke for girlfriend

Nice music!
With lover girlfriend, there is so much power in music that the water can be warm.
Girlfriend - if your song can boil my blood, why not water?

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Now time For some husband wife romantic Jokes :-

Wife (Gusse mein) : Mein ghar chodkar jaa rahi hu…
Husband : To thik hai mein Nirmal Baba ke paas jaa raha hu.
Wife (Muskurate hue) : kyo ? muje wapas lane ke liye prathna karne ?
Husband : Nahi… Ye batane ki “Krupa aani suru ho gayi hai”

husband wive romantic Jokes

Wife to husband – where were you on Saturday night?
Husband- ohh, there was a urgent work I was asked to finish,
so had to stay back in office. 
Wife – Ohh..Really? Then why your "Fitband" shows you burned 300 calories
and your heart rate was more than normal at 1 AM in Night?
Husband- Silent..

husband wife romantic Jokes

My girlfriend accused me of cheating. 
I told her she was starting to sound like my wife.

funny husband wife jokes

20 years of sex in the dark the wife find out he was using,
a dildo the wife get angry and says ¨explain the dildo prick¨,
the husband says ¨explain the children bitch.

jokes on husband

Husband: Sex ho jaye?
 Wife: No. 
Husband: Jewar le dunga. 
Wife: No. Husband: Car le dunga. 
Wife: No, No, No. Beta so raha tha, bich me bola, Meri marlo, Cycle la dena.

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