Traffic Police officer Show His Skill On Indore Roads


Traffic police officer inspiration is Bollywood dance style and has a good moustache. But it is his Michael Jackson dance Moves that got attention on India’s chaotic streets.

Ranjeet Singh- A 38-year-old Traffic police officer every day do his duty across busy intersections And near-missing rickshaws & vans in the centre of Indore. A town of two million humans.

Traffic Police officer-Ranjeet Singh Statment 

“I have been a Michael Jackson fan for years and trying to copy his moonwalk step by step to stop traffic 12 years ago,” Singh told AFP.

“Initially, people surprise to see a cop like that, but it working as wonders over the years and he is gaining popularity. this task takes a lot of energy.
Which is to maintain traffic and ongoing noise pollution with some reckless motorists but moonwalking is liked by most of commuters and drivers.”.

Singh has come to be a social media trending cop with almost 50,000 people following his sports on Facebook.

HE Added
Some Of the Young People have lost their lives on the road due to negligence.

“Picking up the bodies of over 40 youngsters after accidents over the years. Which makes me feel terrible,” he Adds further.

“I just want young generation to follow rules and stay safe .”

Singh’s colleagues are in constant worry, As he is performing his move which attracts drivers and diverts traffic. Moreover increasing the risk of getting an injury.  He now offers moonwalking classes to fellow officials.

“my parents are very happy with me for doing my task with severe passion and with a twist that includes Michael Jackson’s step,” he states.

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